Our Mission Statement

Thompson McNichol Lawyers Office

We aim to be the Firm of choice for our legal expertise, knowledge, commitment to excellent client service, and our dedication to acting with integrity, honesty and diligence in everything we do.

Our Client Service Principles

At Thompson McNichol Lawyers we understand that providing you with excellent service is vital to our business success.  We have developed a set of Client Service Principles to enable you to measure our performance.  Every day, for every client, we strive to:

Be Responsive and Accessible
We ensure that we are accessible to our clients to answer any queries or concerns.  We aim to return client phone calls the same day and always communicate in a timely manner.

Deliver on Commitments
We continuously strive to exceed our clients' expectations.  We will ensure that any promises we make are met or exceeded.

Offer Simple Solutions
We aim to provide practical and effective solutions and keep information as simple, concise and easy to understand as possible.

Communicate Clearly
We actively listen to our clients and communicate openly, clearly and simply about achievable outcomes, realistic timelines and estimated costs.

Be Proactive and Enthusiastic
We demonstrate interest and enthusiasm for our clients and our work.  We anticipate potential issues, identify solutions where possible, remain results focused and diligently pursue the desired outcome in a timely and cost effective manner.

Develop and Improve Relationships
We continuously strive to develop and enhance excellent client relationships by delivering excellent service and maintaining absolute confidentiality, integrity and respect.  We facilitate introductions between our clients and other business links where appropriate to develop mutually beneficial networks.

If at any time you feel that we have not met our commitment, we invite you to contact a partner to help us ensure we do.